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No, seriously: have you ever heard oft he breed "warlander"? - No? – You definitely missed something! Warlander are a great cross-breed of PRE Andalusian and Friesian, therefor they are extremely elegant, agile yet robust horses. The official guidelines for breeders allow a 25-75% fraction of each race, but on Grillenhof we only mix 50%-50%, because we have the opinion that these cross-breeds show the best results. Also we have several standards concerning the horses born at Grillenhof: they don´t live in a stall but in an open stable with lots of space. The horses only step into the stable, when they feel the need to – and that doesn't happen very often. There would be so much to miss when standing inside, who knows what the others might be up to, when you look away…

On the picture above you can see our Friesian mare "Trudi" with the first officially bred warlander-foal in Austria, "Fanta", on the day of her birth.

From now on there are PRE Andalusian, as well as Warlander-foals for sale - if you are interested, please contact us!