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                                                                     First comes our motto: our animals are allowed to be dirty! We try to allow them a lifestyle as natural as possible, which means: the animals may always go, where they like to go (within their fenced paddock of course), are never locked in, may always eat, drink, go inside or interact with their fellows. The foals stay with the mares until they are sexually mature (stallions then move to the male side of the paddock), or leave the Grillenhof. If a mare allows her foal to drink her milk for as long as two years, we won´t forbid it. The only rules concern the pregnancy oft he mares, meaning which mare gets pregnant at which time and from which stallion.

Therefor all our horses are healthy, robust, even-tempered, adjusted to different terrains, like to learn, are not afraid to walk through water, accept a human being as their leader, and are adjusted to various noises (dogs, tractor, children, cars, thunderstorm, …)



Photo from January 15th, 2013:
the girls at brunch