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2009-07-21  Agnes Schmatz decides to breed warlander horses.
2009-11-03  Karl Schmatz agrees to allow horses on Grillenhof.
2009-12-07  Agnes Schmatz meets Trudi, our first friesian mare.
2009-12-18  The first two horses (Sharif and Jonathan) arrive at Grillenhof and are placed in a temporary mini-paddock.
2010-03-19  Construction of the riding arena starts.
2010-03-24  Construction oft he big paddock begins, first part ist the mud-paddock.
2010-03-28  The horses are moved to their mud-paddock.
2010-07-30  Construction af the riding arena is ready.
2010-08-22  The summer-paddock is opened for all horses – and stays that way.
2010-12-28  The first foal is born on Grillenhof: Donna.
2011-04-04  The first-born Austrian Warlander comes into the world on the Grillenhof.
2013-07-30  The summer-paddock gets a second fence for even more fresh grass and has now over 4 hectare.

Photo from March 15th, 2010: Agnes in front of the recently deliverd paddock rods.