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Once you decide to breed horses, you will have to ask yourself: "Where will the horses live?". At this point it is very useful to have a
husband, whose father actually is an active farmer. Actually all the farm animals that used to live at Grillenhof are gone: The
bigger ones – such as cows, bulls and horses – in the 1970s, the smaller ones – namely the chickens – 2008. After that,
the only remaining  animals where  mice,  rats and  other vermin.  But despite  his scepticism I  could persuade Karl
Schmatz to donate his land to be the home to our horses. After that I hired my husband Daniel to build the paddock,
and so our horses where able to move into the mud-paddock on palm Sunday 2010 and since August 2010 they are
able to use the summer-paddock.                                                                                                                      

It was clear from the beginning, that I would never lock up my horses, only living in a large paddock was acceptable.
Something new for many people:  how  can you  leave your horses  outside around  the clock?  Don´t they get sick?
No, that's the way, they like it,  and they are happy to be able to move around, whenever they want to –  if they even
are willing to. Of course there is an open stable for both the mares and the stallions, that they are able to use, when-
ever they want. They have access to food around the clock and a small stream invites to drink or splash around.       



Airpicture of our paddock from August 2012:

  1. mud-paddock
  2. summer-paddock
  3. 40 x 20 meter riding place
  4. shelter